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About Us

Members of the Committee

Co-Chair John Carver, Superintendent, Howard-Winneshiek Community School District
Co-Chair Robert von Wolffradt, Chief Information Officer, State of Iowa
Dave Daak, Connect Iowa
Robert Denson, President, Des Moines Area Community College
Dave Duncan, President, Iowa Telecommunication Association
Philip Groner, Iowa Communication Network
Karl Hehr, Director of Technology Services, Ames Community Schools District
Galen Howsare, Chief Financial Officer, Iowa Association of School Boards
Karen Randall, Keystone Area Education Association
Michael Sadler, Assistant VP for Public Policy
Larry Siegel, Iowa School Finance and Information System Services
Jeff Weld, Executive Director, Governor’s STEM Advisory Council
Josh Byrnes, State Representative, District 14
Steven Sodders, State Senator, District 3

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